COUNCIL 2018/2019


Hi everyone! My name is Andrew and I am going into my final year in the Health Sciences Stream. Since moving from Calgary, I’ve been privileged to be a part of the KIN-munity for three years and counting, beginning in my first year on the KUS Street Team to last year as VP Academic. A few of my favourite things include the Calgary Flames, EDM tunes, McGregor, and some nice sneakers. I’m stoked to meet new faces, connect with old ones, and welcome you all into the AMAZING School of Kinesiology.


Hi Kinners! I’m Delon and I’m a 3rd year student in the Health Sciences stream. I’m passionate about helping others so I spend a lot of my time volunteering, from research labs at UBC Hospital to first aid events at Rogers Arena (aka free concerts!) In my free time, I love being outdoors whether it be exploring the BC trails, or running along the seawall. I also love music and I can play 5 instruments (try to guess which ones the next time you see me)! As the VP Academic, I’ll be in charge of the KPAC Program and the KiWe x MHAC committee, along with organizing the career fair. I’m super excited for the upcoming year and I can’t wait to meet you all next year!


Hey everyone! My name is Sara and I’m going into my third year in the Interdisciplinary stream of Kinesiology. During my first two years at UBC I was on the KUS Street Team and was the KUS photographer and Kin Week Coordinator. 90% of the time you’ll find me wearing sneakers, tights, and a ponytail and when I’m not hanging out with the Kin-munity you’ll likely find me training at the track, hiking, or eating good food with friends. This year I’m super excited to be the VP Communications because I have lots of great ideas and can’t wait to meet more amazing students and faculty. Looking forward to a great school year!


Hey Kinners! My name’s Nikol and I’ll be your VP Finance this year! I’m currently in my third year, in the health science stream. Some fun facts about me are that I backpacked solo around Japan this year, I love white chocolate raspberry ice cream, screamers from Danny’s, and kinder eggs (you’re never too old!). I’m also a commuter student from Richmond, so I can relate to those of you who endure a treacherous journey to and from home. I decided to take on this role because I wanted to get more involved with the Kincommunity and work towards making your undergraduate experience unforgettable! I’m looking forward to the following year ahead of us.


Hey Kinners! My name is Olivia, and I’m going into my third year of the Interdisciplinary stream. I’m very passionate about community, which is why I’ve loved working on the KUS Street team, and taking upon leadership roles with UBC Run Club, SISU of UBC, and YWIB. One of my highlights was being on the Kinesiology Games team this year, and I definitely recommend attending the tryouts! You can find me getting my sweat on at SoulCycle, working at Lululemon, posting my favourite quotes on Instagram, or gaining inspiration at events! I am so excited to meet all of you, and I hope you’re just as excited as Brandon and I are for our events this year!


Hi everyone, my name is Brandon and I’m heading into my 4th year of Kinesiology in the Interdisciplinary stream. Believe it or not, I am a transfer student and this will actually be my second year attending UBC. During my first year at UBC, I dove headfirst into the Kin-munity; I attended Kin Camp, attended many of the yearly Kin events, and was selected to be on the UBC Kin Games team. I’m super athletic, so if you don’t find me playing ice hockey, ill probably be at the gym, hiking, or playing some other sport! I’ll be working alongside the other VP Student Life, Olivia, planning all your big Kin events and I’m super excited to meet all of you new Kinners as well as build on friendships made in my previous year at UBC!