KUS Elections

Elections Timeline:

Nominations Period: March 1st, 8:00AM to March 16th, 4:00PM
MANDATORY All-Candidates Meeting: March 16th, 4:00PM-5:00PM
Campaigning Period: March 19th, 12:00AM to March 23rd, 3:00PM
Voting Period: March 21st, 8:00AM to March 23rd, 3:00PM


Nomination Forms:

Nomination Forms 2018


General Elections Handbook:

KUS General Elections Handbook 2018



Chairing the executive council, lobbying for students at AMS council, and overseeing all the programming within the KUS. Moreover, sitting on School of Kinesiology meetings alongside the VP Academic, to help better bridge the gap between faculty and students.

Committee Oversight: Kin Grad Chair & Committee, and KUS Rec Sports Coordinators.


Liaising with students, faculty, administration on academics issues and needs by being a representative on a variety of boards within the school and across campus.

Committee Oversight: Kin Peer Academic Coaching Program and Career Fair Coordinator & Committee.

Delon Chan


Coordinating all messaging for KUS as well as produce and schedule content for all social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Committee Oversight: KUS Street Team, Merchandise Coordinators, Website Coordinator, Photographers, and Videographers.

Sara Cathcart


Monitor all financial affairs of the KUS, prepare the budget for the following year, record minutes at Closed and and Open Meetings, and process coordinator/committee reimbursements.

Committee Oversight: KUS Office Makeover Coordinator.

Nikol Grishin


Enrich the life of Kinesiology students through organizing and overseeing all social events throughout the school year.

Committee Oversight: Boatcruise Committee, Rum N' Egger Coordinator & Committee, Kin Week Coordinator & Committee, Movember Pancake Chair & Committee, and Kin Formal Coordinator and Committee .

Brandon Lam & Olivia Tobias


For more information about each position, you can also check out the KUS constitution.